Eclipse 12670 FTC Team Visits RGV for STEM Training

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Misison CEED1

Mission CEED Auditorium

FIRST robotics teams from the Rio Grande Valley participated in a day long conference to prepare for the upcoming robotics season. The newly formed FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) teams are made up of students in grades seven through 12. The students are challenged to design, build, program ( coding ) and operate robots in a competitive game. Students must use science, technology, engineering and math ( STEM ) skills to code their robot to perform specific tasks in an effort to win an international robotics competition.

FTC 12670

Team 12670 – Eclpse

The conference that was held at the Mission CEED building was presented by Team Eclipse 12670 from Austin, Texas and FIRST RGV, and is for students, coaches and mentors from FTC teams in the Texas Rio Grande Valley. Attendees will learn how to succeed with the FIRST Tech Challenge. The material presented at the conference is from The FTC Guidebook “The ABCs of FTC: A Getting Started Guide for the FIRST Tech Challenge.” The Guidebook was released today by Team Eclipse as a  free resource for all FTC Teams.

From learning strategic planning and team roles to programming and robot design, students will collaborate with the seasoned Austin team to be ready and make improvements for the upcoming season this fall.  Each team received a printed copy of the FTC Guidebook published by the Austin team. An electronic copy will be given to all the FTC teams in the Rio Grande Valley that were unable to attend the event. In all over 76 teams received the Guidebook. Additionally the Guidebook will be available online at for download as a PDF to all FTC teams throughout the World.

“Not only do we get to talk about some of the tips and techniques we have learned, but we are excited that each of the participants will get a printed copy of our new guidebook,” said Ethan Schaffer, Team Eclipse Captain. “We are thrilled to be able to share our successes, stories, and sometimes failures to help new and rookie participants and teams with the FIRST Tech Challenge.”

Coding Class

The event was from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm and included four key sections:

  • Team Management

  • Creating a Winning Robot

  • Awards & Judging

  • Advanced Topics (Programming, CAD, and Budgeting & Fundraising)

“We are excited for our students and community to have had this opportunity to learn from another Texas team’s guidebook, and excited about the impact this will have on our teams this season” said Jason Arms, CEO of FIRST RGV, a local non-profit specific for educational STEM programs such as US FIRST robotics.

About The ABCs of FTC (

Collaboration at the Mission CEED

The FTC Guidebook “The ABCs of FTC: Getting Started Guide for the FIRST TECH CHALLENGE is a resource to help new and rookie participants and teams have a successful FIRST season. The ABC’s of FTC contains 14 chapters, each covering a different topic related to running a successful FTC team. The chapters are organized into three sections: “Team Management”, “Creating a Winning Robot”, and “Event Preparation and Competition”.

About FTC Team Eclipse 12670 (

Team Eclipse is a Startup Community FTC Team from Austin, Texas. The team is made up of students in 9th through 12th grade that attend LASA High School in Austin. The team includes members that were on three different FTC teams last year along with three students that are new to FTC.

Special Thanks:   Alex Meade, EDC Director for the City of Mission, Texas for allowing us the use of the venue.


Eclipse 12670

ABCs of FTC: Getting Started Guide for the FIRST Tech Challenge