RGV Robotics Competition

We are proud to announce a new offering for the Rio Grande Valley. The RGV Robotics Competition program is specifically designed for those robotics enthusiasts that are 18 years old and older.

This is a great opportunity for our alumni to keep going with their robotics enthusiasm, allows coaches / mentors / volunteers to get hands on experience in competing with a robot, corporate sponsorship engagement, corporate team building opportunities and so much more.

Join us and let your robotness come alive while you build, program and compete a real life robot with your coworkers / friends in a gracious professionalism environment. All while supporting a great non profit in the Rio Grande Valley.


Quick Answers to Your Questions

Q: I have never participated in FIRST, what do I need to do?
A: It is easy. Just register your team, pay your registration fee, order your robot kit and be ready for the first competition event. 

Q: What robot do we need to purchase to participate?
A: We recommend purchasing the REV robot and communications kit. While you don’t have to use the kit of parts, you do have to use the approved list of electronics / communications equipment.

Q: Does the challenge change every year?
A: Yes, the challenge changes every year but you can use the same robot (kit of parts / electronics) year over year. You will need to rebuild your robot based on the new skills required in the new challenge.

Rules and General Guidelines

Cost: $250.00

  • Includes 6 adults on team
  • Includes 15 matches in a three event configuration
  • Top 3 robots receive trophies based on best scores overall
  • Based on the current years FIRST Tech Challenge competition
  • Gracious Professionalism required
  • No judging sessions
  • This is a tasked based robotics competition and is not BATTLE BOTS(tm)

Getting Started

Our purpose for this program is to engage with our alumni, corporate partners, mentors, volunteers and all of the others that have been wanting to get their hands on a robot for an inclusive and dynamic robotics competition season. We hope that with having the RGV Robotics Competition program, it will allow us to engage more with our community, generate more sponsorship opportunities, create more awareness of FIRST RGV and to promote the values of FIRST.

2021 Season Challenge - ULTIMATE GOAL