Show Your Support!

We are excited that you are part of FIRST robotics and specifically part of the Rio Grande Valley family.

We have posted our official logos here for your use, but there are a few things that you must know before using our logos.

  1. You can not use our logo to raise any money that is not deposited in our accounts. You can use our logo on your marketing materials for your team, but you must disclose that it is not a donation to FIRST RGV unless we are accepting the donation on your behalf. (Email if you have questions)
  2. Logos must appear in official colors (listed below), solid white or solid black. The original files are below. Do not alter our logo to any other colors that what is listed below. Our logo includes copyrighted elements that we do not have permission to modify.
  3. PLEASE put our logo on all team shirts, marketing materials, pictures and such in a manner that represents the excitement of FIRST in the Rio Grande Valley. Our logo represents you and our community. Please be careful on how it is used.

Our logo is the property of FIRST RGV, INC. in association with US FIRST, INC. As such all elements are to be used for official support of FIRST programs. This does not constitute a consent, but more of a guide of “standards”. Some elements are required to meet additional standards than those above.

Official Logo Files

#ed1c24 (Red)
#0066b3 (Blue)
#231f20 (Black)
#9a989a (Gray)

Use as a white logo on any colored fabric or material. All elements MUST be white.

Use as a white logo on any lite colored fabric or material. All elements MUST be black.

If you are looking for specific program graphics (FIRST Lego League, FIRST Tech Challenge, FIRST Robotics Competition) please visit the FIRST website to get their official graphics for those programs.

If you have questions? Ask and we will gladly answer on how to use the logo

[email protected]


McAllen Sports is our official vendor for marketing materials for FIRST RGV, INC. Please take the time to contact this partner of ours to see if they meet your needs. You may use our logo with other vendors in the production of your team gear, marketing materials and other in accordance with your school districts policies. We just ask that you help us ensure it meets the quality expectations we all need to protect our brand.