Grants for the 2018-2019 FIRST Robotics Season

Together, We are FIRST!

Monies and equipment from all over Texas and the United States has come together to support teams in the Rio Grande Valley. Thanks to our numerous grantors for their support in our amazing community. Without our supporters, a lot of our teams would not be possible.

These grants were awarded to the teams via US FIRST / FIRST in Texas / FIRST RGV in accordance with an official ranking system to identify teams that are underserved and/or underrepresented.

We are proud to do our part to work on the behalf of the school districts to secure funds for the Rio Grande Valley to promote STEM education.

Round 1

31807FLLHarlingen CISD
8423FLLJRHarlingen CISD
37858FLLMcallen ISD
37184FLLMcallen ISD
9037FLLJRHarlingen CISD
23707FLLHarlingen CISD
5995FLLJRHarlingen CISD
33798FLLHarlingen CISD
12172FTCMcallen ISD
14681FTCMcallen ISD
11009FTCMcallen ISD
32482FLLHarlingen CISD
14679FTCHarlingen CISD
14675FTCHarlingen CISD
14490FTCMercedes ISD
14489FTCMercedes ISD
201800920FTCRio Grande City CISD
12093FTCPharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD
13629FTCPharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD
6830FRCPharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD
13714FTCLa Joya ISD
12779FTCLa Joya ISD
12782FTCLa Joya ISD
12785FTCLa Joya ISD
12786FTCLa Joya ISD
29963FLLMcallen ISD
201800642FLLMcallen ISD
13519FTCMission CISD
13516FTCMission CISD

Round 2

FLL21114Harlingen CISD
FLL41965Mcallen ISD
FLL32051Community Based Team
FLL42029Mcallen ISD
FLLJR11517Harlingen CISD
FLLJR11552Harlingen CISD
FLLJR8776Harlingen CISD
FLLJR8422Harlingen CISD
FLLJR10731Mcallen ISD
FLLJR12275Mission CISD
FLLJR13446Mcallen ISD
FLLJR8923Harlingen CISD
FRC5960Mission CISD
FRC6664Pharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD
FTC14677Harlingen CISD
FTC14678Harlingen CISD
FTC14674Harlingen CISD
FTC14680Harlingen CISD
FTC12372Mcallen ISD
FTC201800018Mcallen ISD
FTC13521Mission CISD
FTC13522Mission CISD
FTC13512Mission CISD
FTC13523Mission CISD
FTC15181Community Based Team
FTC12661Pharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD
FTC12450Mission CISD
FTC12453Mission CISD
FTC12449Mission CISD
FTC12447Mission CISD
FTC12401Mission CISD
FTC12448Mission CISD
FTC12451Mission CISD
FTC12452Mission CISD
FTC12696Mission CISD
FTC12697Mission CISD
FTC12392Mcallen ISD
FTC12710Mcallen ISD
FTC12713Mcallen ISD
FTC201800060Community Based Team
FTC201800061Community Based Team
FTC11156Harlingen CISD
FTC12691Harlingen CISD
FTC201801229La Joya ISD
FTC12060Pharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD
FTC10994Pharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD
FTC201801531Brownsville ISD
FTC201801529Brownsville ISD
FTC201801532Brownsville ISD
FTC201801533Brownsville ISD
FTC201801534Brownsville ISD
FTC201801530Brownsville ISD

Round 3

12654FTCHarlingen CISD
32270FLLWeslaco ISD
32271FLLWeslaco ISD
32272FLLWeslaco ISD
32273FLLWeslaco ISD
32275FLLWeslaco ISD
32277FLLWeslaco ISD
34412FLLHarlingen CISD
13810FTCLa Joya ISD
11412FLLJRWeslaco ISD
201702812FLLJRSharyland ISD
11411FLLJRWeslaco ISD
6830FRCPharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD
201701665FTCLa Joya ISD
201701666FTCLa Joya ISD
201701667FTCLa Joya ISD
201701669FTCLa Joya ISD
201701670FTCLa Joya ISD
201701671FTCLa Joya ISD
201701672FTCLa Joya ISD
201701673FTCLa Joya ISD
201701675FTCLa Joya ISD
28811FLLWeslaco ISD
6187FLLJRWeslaco ISD
6189FLLJRWeslaco ISD
9009FLLJRWeslaco ISD
9010FLLJRSam Houston Elem
5894FRCEdinburg CISD
6180FRCMission CISD

Round 4



Harlingen CISD



Edinburg CISD



Mission CISD



Pharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD



Pharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD