Join FIRST-RGV, your only science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) educational partner for another exciting season of educational and competitive robotics program.  FIRST is much more than robots…. business planning, marketing planning, programming ( coding ), fundraising and of course, a lot of excitement.


RGV Metro Leagues

Edison (32/32) Teams
Curie (26/32) Teams
Tesla (26/32) Teams
Bell (26/32) Teams

Assigned: 110 RGV Teams

Metro Leagues?

This year, the RGV will be piloting a new league model for areas with a  large number of teams. This will allow us to have a fewer number of leagues and will give teams more of a variety in competing for the season.

Leagues – How and Why

Leagues will be filled by random selection of all teams in “PAID” status as of October 1, 2017. In the event there is not an equal number, one league may have a smaller or slightly higher number of teams as needed.

Wildcard Events

Any team in the RGV region may, at their own cost, advance independently to a “wild card” event that is being hosted in Laredo, Texas this year. The purpose of a wild card event is to allow the first non-advancing team from the RGV League Championship to attend the wild card event for another chance to advance.

Leagues – Gameplay

Each team, despite their league assignment will receive scheduling for 15 match opportunities over the season. Teams must have a minimum of 10 matches to qualify for the RGV Championship event this season.

Rules and Regulations

Teams are expected and required to review the official game manual. This manual includes all rules governing the season. We will do our best to discuss the majority of the rules in advance, but in the event a student (not coach) feels there is a need to question a referee or judges decision, we expect the team member to be familiar with the gameplay rules.

FIRST RGV in conjunction with FIRST robotics is a non-profit operating in the Rio Grande Valley, Texas for the purpose of bringing quality science, technology, engineering and mathematics ( STEM / S.T.E.M.) programs to the students. Any donations to FIRST RGV can be restricted to a specific team or can be used for general program operations that serve more than 2,400 students in Hidalgo, Cameron, Willacy, Starr and Zapata counties.

FIRST is much more than robots. Students involved in a FIRST program will experience: business planning, engineering, social media marketing, leadership building skills, innovative / critical thinking skills, public speaking opportunities and guidance and being involved in a program that does not just suggest, but requires GRACIOUS PROFESSIONALISM as part of life.

Support FIRST RGV through cash donations, volunteering your team to mentor a team or support a competitive robotics event in your community.

Contact us for more information and get involved!