FIRST Senior Mentor in the Rio Grande Valley

Expand Participation through student and team recruitment

Scale Efficiently by building partnerships and securing resources

Achieve Broad Recognition by supporting outreach efforts

Ensure Sustainability through providing training to teams; recruiting Coaches/Mentors; recruiting Volunteers; and providing support to Coaches, Mentors, Volunteers, and teams.

Increase Diversity by looking for ways to increase access and allow FIRST to reach a broader range of youth, so that the FIRST community better represents the communities we serve.

How do FIRST Senior Mentors function in the field?

  • Unique role – an extension of FIRST HQ
  • Partnership with area director of the affiliate partner to address key field challenges.
  • Activities not restricted to specific FIRST Programs – encouraged to work broadly as possible.

What outcomes do FIRST Senior Mentors achieve?

  • Coach/Mentor and Volunteer recruitment
  • Student recruitment
  • Coach/Mentor and Volunteer support
  • Team support
  • Outreach efforts on behalf of FIRST
  • Program financial support

What are the limitations of the FIRST Senior Mentor role?

  • Not permitted to hold dual roles – FSM and Area director, FSM & Partner, etc.
  • Serving as a team mentor or other local roles. Those are outside of the FSM duties
  • Limited time commitment – most FSMs commit to 10-15 hours per week (part-time only)

Are you interested in this part time opportunity to serve the Rio Grande Valley? Email your resume, documenting your experience with FIRST to [email protected]