Official Security Provider of FIRST RGV, INC.

Security these days is an unfortunate need. We are excited to have partnered with DefenseCom, LLC in the Rio Grande Valley.

DefenseCom and FIRST RGV will be working together to plan a safe and secure educational environment for our students. This will happen in two forms:

  1. Conduct background checks on all representatives of FIRST RGV that comply with “Senate Bill 9”. (Tx Education Code 22.08341(b)).
  2. Coordinate event security and use common sense approaches to ensure physical safety at our events.

Through this professional partnership, we will work hard to do our part to ensure the safety of those students enrolled in FIRST in the Rio Grande Valley.

We are proud to comply with applicable laws that are required to ensure the safety of students. FIRST RGV is committed in actively screening all mentors and personnel.

FIRST requires a local, county, state and federal national database background check via name and date of birth for all adults that work with students as part of the FIRST program. This includes coaches, mentors and volunteers.

FIRST RGV complies with the requirements of FIRST and has developed a program that uses a licensed security company to conduct a fingerprint search using the Texas DPS FAST system. This extra step ensures compliance with the requirements of Texas Education Code 22.0834(a), (g) and (k); contractors / sub contractors working directly with students of public school districts.

While it is our policy to never work one on one with any student or have direct custody of students without the educator present, we have taken these extra steps to ensure the safety of the students by implementing various safety procedures; to include a fingerprint criminal records search.

Texas Education Code 22.0834 prevents any person from working directly with students of a public school district in the following circumstances exist:

  • A felony conviction under Title 5 of the Texas Penal Code;
  • An offense requiring as a sex offender under Chapter 62 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure; or
  • An equivalent offense under federal law or the laws of another state.

Title 5 felony offenses include criminal homicide; kidnapping, unlawful restraint and smuggling of persons; trafficking of persons; sexual offenses; and assaultive offenses.

Youth Protection Program (YPP)

FIRST and FIRST RGV require all adults that work with students to complete a basic Youth Protection Program (YPP). This program outlines commonsense approaches to working with young adults / children.

If you have any questions about security, background reviews or our commitment to youth protection, please do not hesitate to email us at [email protected]