a proud Texas public educational non-profit as defined by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) working in the Rio Grande Valley, Texas with a laser focus on diversity, equity and inclusion. Our organization prides itself on the leadership looking like the community we serve with a diverse and equitable set of leaders that bring many different disciplines to the table to ensure success.

Executive Board of Directors


Randy Ashley – President

Originally from Louisiana, Mr. Ashley has a background in Aerospace, Electronics, and Agriculture, having a Private Pilots license,  Level 3 Rocketry Certification, and Extra Class Amateur Radio license and is currently managing a Public Safety Radio system serving thousands of public safety professionals. Mr Ashley enjoys being active as a hobbyist in multiple STEM programs.


Nancy Cuellar – Vice President

Originally from California, Ms. Cuellar started her career in banking before going to work in City Government as a Grant Writer and Grant Compliance Officer for more than 10 years.  Subsequently she was promoted to Emergency Management Analyst where she spent 4 years in the Emergency Management Department.  She now works with the state of Texas in the Emergency Management as a Recovery Coordinator.  Ms. Cuellar is a proud mother of 3 and is a licensed Independent Insurance Agent.

Jason Arms

Jason Arms – Board Member / Co-Founder

Originally from Florida, Mr Arms is the co-founder and primary officer for FIRST RGV, INC that was created in October, 2015 to support the operations of FIRST in the Rio Grande Valley. Mr Arms has expanded the organization to support various STEM programs and has a an extensive background in public safety (law enforcement / firefighting), emergency management, information technology, innovation officer and has served as a contractor in cybersecurity with distinction.

Yolanda Woods

Yolanda Woods – Board Member

Originally from the Rio Grande Valley, Ms Woods attended Brownsville ISD. Ms Woods became an educator in 1988 and served as a local Paramedic. Ms Woods is notably known for starting the UTSA Student Newspaper. Ms Woods has over 8 years of experience in FIRST as a coach and mentor. Ms Woods spent several years as an AmeriCorp VISTA assigned to service in the FIRST mission.


Jorge Perez – Board Member

Originally from the Rio Grande Valley, Mr Perez has spent time on a FIRST Robotics Competition team (Valley View ISD) and then became a team coach. Mr Perez is now a Mechanical Engineer and is an educator at IDEA Public Schools and has been appointed as the FIRST Senior Mentor for FIRST for the Rio Grande Valley.


Katherine Zeigler – Treasurer
Originally from the Rio Grande Valley, Ms Zeigler has been serving as Treasurer since the founding of the non-profit in October, 2015. Ms Zeigler is a career property developer with a financial background in banking / lending and has served on many non-profit / associations in the Rio Grande Valley.

Retired co-founders:  Veronica Baca and Juan Carlos Suarez // We appreciate your service.
Other Retired:  Milly Hernandez

Executive Advisory Board

FIRST RGV, INC enjoys the benefit of having a very active advisory board made up of members from various industries operating in the Rio Grande Valley. These are non-voting members.

Diana A. Peña

Edgar Sifuentes

Steve Taylor

Gustavo Perez

Trung Nguyen

Gabriel Trevino

Dr Esmeralda Adame
Higher Education

Dr Carlos Margo
Higher Education

Dr Arturo Cavazos

FIRST RGV, INC. is an educational non-profit working in four of the poorest counties of Texas and prioritizing the inclusion of students that are underserved. FIRST RGV is the local partner representative for FIRST robotics and promotes science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education through the use of their program; which has inspired millions of students from around the world.

FIRST RGV, INC. was founded in October, 2015 and has seen significant growth in its programs year over year and is projected to become the fastest growing STEM organization in the Rio Grande Valley.

In 2017 – 2018, FIRST RGV, INC. served over 3,800 students in a six month program at various grade levels.
in 2018 – 2019, FIRST RGV, INC. served over 4,100 students in a six month program at various grade levels.
in 2019 – 2020, FIRST RGV, INC. served over 4,800 students in a six month program at various grade levels.
in 2020 – 2021, FIRST RGV, INC. served over 2,100 students in a six month program at various grade levels and during a global pandemic.

Planning Committee / Program Coordinators

Victor Menchaca

Seth Lara
Alumni – President

David Ruiz
FTC Coordinator

Pedro Moreno

Joseph Beckman
FLL Coordinator

Andre Adame

Important Documents

Data and Other Policies